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The Results of Testing My OWN Blood Sugar Shocked Me.

I have always been the healthiest one in the family. Never skipped a workout, ate consciously, and was viewed as a health or even nuerotic. My lab markers always came back perfect. Even in my 38th week of pregnancy with both of my kids, my OBGYN was always amazed at my blood pressure - like I wasn't even pregnant!

I never worried about the trajectory of my health as I was on top of my game. However like any other woman, when I felt a little fluffier than usual or my pants were fitting more snug I started to take notice. I would usually just cut out carbs (this was BN...before nutritionist LOL) and that would do the trick! Belly bloat/fat gone.

However in late 2021 I started to noticing some new symptoms that just didn't seem right. My bloat was worse than ever, I felt flabbier and less muscular than ever before and the scariest part is my hair was falling out in clumps. Like post-preggo hair fallout.

For someone who ate well, never missed a workout, and thought I was doing everything right I felt defeated. Especially as a nutritionist, I felt like a fraud. I was suppose to have all the answers - wasn't I?

I ran through a quick assessment of all the key areas that I know need to be addressed when you aren't getting the results you want in your health.

Blood Sugar Balance - yep, I was eating a balanced plate.
Pooping - I am great that.
Sleeping - I could be better, but it was AWFUL.

At the time I was going through a new certification to help me become masterful at blood sugar and insulin balance to further help my clinical skills with my clients and it dawned on me.

Maybe my blood sugar isn't as balanced as I believed it was.

I invested in a meter and the results SHOCKED me.

Fruit and certain complex carbs seemed to skyrocket my blood sugar - even if I was eating an optimized balanced plate. If my insulin hormone was balanced, this should not happen.

Additionally I do have familial history of diabetes and heart disease which are plights I would like to avoid.

The bottom line: Hidden insulin resistance, like I have, is a bigger problem than you might expect. And unfortunately, it may take decades before conventional medical approaches even pick it up.

The result: people with this type of insulin imbalance could be subject to the silent damage of insulin resistance for years.

I am making it my mission to educate and empower all that want to listen of how blood sugar balance is not just important for the diagnosed diabetics, but for ALL of us feeling sluggish, bloated, foggy. and heavier than we use to.

I hope this brought some insight and inspiration to dig deeper with your health challenges and don't stop at "it's just old age" or "I just have bad genes". All you are experiencing is reversible.

Cheers to your best health and education that empowers.


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