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  • What exactly is Functional Nutrition?
    Functional Nutrition is a revolutionary way of looking at diet and lifestyle that truly treats you as an individual and works with your unique needs to help you improve your health. We work within the principles of Functional Medicine, but with a dedicated perspective on the diet and lifestyle modification upon which those principles rely for their success (and yours). Here are some of the ways in which our clinic is different: - We work towards root cause resolution, which means we are concerned with why you are experiencing symptoms. Our goal is not only to help relieve your symptoms, but to uncover the root cause of your health issues as best as we can to create more sustainable relief. - We work in partnership with any other healthcare providers you may be seeing. - Everyone benefits from strong, positive partnerships, and we believe in working together with your entire medical team to help you realize your goals. - We know that you are not just a collection of tissues and organs. Everything in your body is connected to everything else, and we recognize how each body system affects the whole. Furthermore, we know that other aspects of your life, including your history, your relationships, and your current environment also impact how you feel. This unique way of looking at the body is what allows us to make connections that others miss, and help you modify your diet and lifestyle in ways that will make positive changes for you in both the short and long term. - We give you your power back as a patient, because we work with the things you have control over each and every day – diet, supplements, sleep, exercise, relaxation and more. Once we help you figure out which lifestyle factors need to shift, you will have more control over your life and your health than you thought possible. Our approach is rooted in The Seven Biological Systems of the Functional Medicine Matrix in order to repair the damage caused by disease, illness, or a poor diet/lifestyle: Assimilation: Looking at the digestion, absorption, and gut health of the client is the first course of action. 70% of the immune system resides in the gut, so having a healthy gut can assist with reducing the risk of disease and illness. Defense and repair: Focusing on immune health, inflammation, and infections within the microbiota can assist with optimizing health and wellness. Energy: Determining mitochondrial function and energy levels to assist with overall health is important in order to determine how healthy one is. Biotransformation and elimination: In Functional Nutrition, depending on the specific case, we may practice eliminating specific foods that may contribute to chronic inflammation or illnesses. Transport: Looking at the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems in order to ensure that adequate blood flow and support is happening in the body and there are no blocked arteries. Communication: Making sure all the systems within the body are communicating with one another in a supportive fashion such as the neurotransmitters within the brain and the immune messengers. Structural integrity: Considering the body is structurally secure from the subcellular membranes to the musculoskeletal is also important. Functional nutrition incorporate the motto, “Food is Medicine,” in practice. A functional approach is taken to emphasize the importance of high-quality foods and nutrients which can be used to address the imbalances and determine the root cause of the problem.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Your health and wellness are our priority. Our financial policy allows us to provide you with access to the best nutrition and lifestyle care that we can and we do not want to limit your care to what is covered by health insurance policies. Like many functional medicine practices, the JCV Nutrition & Wellness Counseling services are an out-of-pocket expense. We’re unable to provide insurance billing codes or NPI numbers, which is outside of our scope of practice as a nutrition and lifestyle professional, but we are happy to partner with any other practitioners on your team. We do have clients who submit their JCV Nutrition & Wellness Counseling invoice to their insurance directly for a percentage coverage, or work with their workplace health savings account to receive some compensation. We encourage you to explore these options.
  • Do you prescribe medications?
    As a nutrition and lifestyle professional, it is outside of our scope of practice to diagnose conditions or prescribe medication. As noted above, we will work with your medical practitioners to bring our perspective when appropriate.
  • I just need to lose a few pounds, would counseling be a good option?"
    Counseling services best serve people who have a serious health condition, chronic symptoms that haven't gone away with conventional support, or are working to make big changes in their life and are ready for the challenge of taking on more. If you are looking to lose a little bit of weight or simply gain more energy, we absolutely support you and we have resources for you here. Our Gut Flor-ish 14 Day Digestive & Liver Reset might be perfect for you!
  • Can I just bypass the Initial Intake Consultation if I have a quick question? (ie: "I've heard taking turmeric will help with my inflammation?")"
    Nope, We practice functionally not allopathically, meaning 'X protocol for Y symptom.' We do not bypass the initial consultation because it be a huge disservice to you. And... likely harm. The whole picture of you is needed for proper personalized recommendations. It is important for us to know your background, genetics, diet, exercise routine, what symptoms you have, what makes them better or worse, as well as any recent blood work that you've had done, and much more! This holistic view of your health will assist in the knowledge needed to find the root causes of your suffering. From there we will provide you with customized dietary & lifestyle modifications to modulate your symptoms, find relief, and the vitality that you have been desiring.
  • Will I have to count macros, calories, or stay within a strict limit of food?"
    Nope! We are releasing the diet mentality and going for practical and sustainable nutrition & lifestyle practices. Fad diets were created for the masses not with your individual blueprint in mind. Our focus is to help your unique body back to functioning optimally.
  • Will you just send me home with a bunch of bottles of supplements?
    Never. We first focus on removing obstacles to heal, we call this clearing the muddy waters which means we help you clear the biggest inflammatory culprits for you and optimize your nutrition through whole foods first. Only once we have created a solid infrastructure would we consider the need for supplementation to bring any deficiencies to sufficient levels.
  • How soon will I start to feel better/notice a difference?
    It depends! Everybody is different and you have to remember that it took time to get to where you are today and it will take time to return to your vitality. This is an ongoing journey. We will not conquer your challenges in just one session. We need to set expectations that we are embarking on a path and if you stick to the path you are going to find healing. Your commitment and trust along the way will take you far. Our goal is to tame your symptoms to allow you relief as early as possible. Although you may want big improvements right away, small improvements that are made are improvements that will lead to larger and larger improvements over time. You have to be willing to put in the work on your healing journey. You can heal!! We would be honored to be a part of your healthcare team on your healing journey.
  • Still have questions?
    Please email Jessica,
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