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I am the primary voice behind JCV FX Nutrition.  I specialize in mentoring ambitious high performing women challenged with debilitating physical symptoms caused by digestive dysfunction and systemic inflammation find relief and feel better in their body. I will help you find freedom with food, gain energy, mediate your symptoms and address autoimmunity at the roots. This is not a quick fix, but rather a sustainable holistic approach to feeling great and reversing disease to thrive.

Hi! I am Jessica

As a young child through my college years I battled eczema. Back then the only thing doctors told us to do was cut out wheat and dairy and take all the steroidal creams. So I switched to soy milk (nut milks didn't exist yet) and stopped eating wheat bread.  At the time we didn't realize wheat or gluten lived in other places than just bread. I remember when I had the really bad flares, water burned my skin. It was awful.  As I matured, it did seem to wane, but never fully go away. Fast forward to 2011, I began getting crazy stomach pain, nasty stools (sorry not sorry TMI), and I lost a ton of weight.  I looked very sick.  Doctors said it might be IBS, or gallbladder and to just take some over the counter antacids.  Looking back I clearly had no idea the damage this treatment would be for me.  I wasn't getting better.  After more testing, 2 colonoscopies, and 1 endoscopy later, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and proctitis. My GI doctor at the time told me my diet had no influence on it and I just lucked out with my genes. Infuriating!


I was living through the autoimmune hell that seemed to keep compounding no matter how “healthy” I tried to be with food and exercise.  I tried all the remedies you could find through Google searches or blog posts. Hell, I was a boutique fitness instructor for nearly 15 years.  I couldn’t understand (not to mention embarrassed) how someone “like me” couldn’t get healthy right.   

Then, the event that changed everything for me and my family came the summer of 2019.  My husband suffered a stroke which led to a highly invasive carotid artery surgery that ultimately saved his life.  Reflecting on those previous 2 sentences it seems insignificant in words, but the many months of arduous  journeying to find answers or even a resolution was bumpy to say the least. I had to learn to navigate the overwhelming, and often frustrating, traditional medical system.

Speaking to multiple specialists, learning the language, decoding labs and scans all while trying to advocate the best care for my husband was like receiving a crash course education in medicine. I was (and still am) very thankful for the advancement in medicinal therapies that our system has to offer, but we also experienced quite a but of holes.  My husband was a diagnosis. His care was based on statistics, general protocols, and processes.  They never asked about his dietary and lifestyle patterns that may have led up to his stroke.  They chalked it up to genetics as if this was his fate all along.  I was appalled.

Between my own health challenges through visiting multiple doctors and never really getting the care I was hoping for and my husband's newfound diagnosis, I new there had to be a different approach to healing. 


I didn't want to accept the paradigm of our genetics being our fate.  After searching for an alternative, I stumbled upon functional medicine and functional nutrition.  A new paradigm for healthcare. One where the patient is at the core of care and is finally seen as a whole person and not statistic or a diagnosis.  I finally found a practice that helped me understand what was missing in my personal care. Fast forward to today, I have succeeded in getting off medication, my husband’s health has exponentially improved (he really has beat the odds) which had led me to want to educate, support, and advocate for others on how take control of their healing for themselves as well.

Because I have been at the mercy of these challenges and intimately understand how they can take over your life while undermining your true purpose on this earth; I am on a relentless mission to help you take back your control and invite peace back into your life. I want you to thrive again.


Vitality & longevity is your birthright, let me help you claim what is rightfully yours.

We live in a time where many of us accept our signs & symptoms as part of the natural aging process. With that I would like to call bull-sh*t, excuse my French! Although we can't change our genetics or that our bodies will change as we age, it is important for you to know that you have more power over your health than you have been led to believe.  Your power lies within shifting the environment in which your signs, symptoms, & diagnoses were able to take root. When you can successfully shift your environment (think personalized nutrition & lifestyle shifts) you can shift your body's expression of your genetics. Which translates to dismantling many signs and symptoms.  You will finally feel real relief that is sustainable!

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As a mother of two, business owner, and wife I find it challenging to get away. But let's be real, that is my own doing.  I hate leaving my kids and I am a true homebody, but a girls day trip to the city never disappoints!


Hell no do I let my kids win! LOL When my boys challenge me to a game of tic tac toe, Candyland, or Twister I am in it to WIN it! #boymom