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I specialize in functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications, supporting ambitious, high-performing women experiencing gut, autoimmune, or hormonal issues. I aim to help you find relief, heal, and regain body confidence to boost your energy and overcome symptoms hindering your life's potential.

Hi! I am Jessica

How I got here...

The medical system failed me many times.

From my childhood through college, I battled awful eczema. Doctors recommended cutting out wheat and dairy and prescribed numerous steroidal creams. Although this improved my flares, I could never control it fully with these tactics.

2011, I suffered stomach pain, digestive issues, and drastic weight loss. Doctors suggested IBS or gallbladder problems, prescribing over-the-counter antacids as a band-aid solution and recommending gallbladder removal. I said no to the surgery, and I didn't improve. After multiple tests, I was ultimately diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease. My gastro doctor claimed diet played no role; it was just my genes, and I would have liked the need to take acid-reducer my entire life.

I never felt complete with this diagnosis, so I searched for ways to support my body without medications or surgeries.  

That's when I found functional medicine. I learned firsthand how food could modulate illness and symptoms and how targeted supplementation can help my body do what it naturally was designed to do...HEAL.

For the past six years, I have naturally managed my colitis without the help of medication through nutrition, supplementation, and upholding critical lifestyle practices around exercise and stress management. 

Learning how much control I have over my health made me realize how important it is for other women to achieve the same gift. I decided to return to school and get certified in functional nutrition to help fill the gap in our medical system and guide high-performing women like myself to reclaim their health and feel incredible in their skin.


There is always a next level version on YOU waiting to be discovered. Don't settle for other's vision of YOU.

Yoga on the Beach




As a mother of two, business owner, and wife I find it challenging to get away. But let's be real, that is my own doing.  I hate leaving my kids and I am a hermit, but a girls' day trip to the city never disappoints!


Hell no do I let my kids win! LOL When my boys challenge me to a game of tic tac toe, Candyland, or Twister I am in it to WIN it!

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