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My Top 6 Tips For Better Blood Sugar Balance & Less Cravings

There are several studies over the last few years that have shown an imbalanced microbiome can lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels by impairing glucose tolerance which can lead to insulin resistance.

But what leads to an imbalanced microbiome?

If we are looking through the diet lens, the same foods that lead to raising blood sugar levels tend to be the same that contribute to an imbalanced microbiome.

What foods are those? Pastas, white breads, baked goods, processed foods, high sugar foods, soda pop, etc.

In my private nutrition practice, one of our goals (no matter the client, symptoms, or diagnoses) is to balance blood sugar. This entails cleaning up and balancing the diet along with supporting digestion and lifestyle habits that support balanced blood sugar.

Too little blood sugar you may experience headaches, cravings, low energy, and mood swings. Conversely, when your blood sugar spikes you may experience increased appetite and exhaustion.

Frequent fluctuations between these two, also known as the blood sugar roller coaster, you end up with weight gain or resistance, chronic tiredness, trouble sleeping, skin breakouts, hot flashes, and more inconveniencing symptoms.

You ignore these symptoms too long and it can lead to candida, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer.

So how do you create good blood sugar hygiene?

Here are my top 6 nutrition tips to combat the blood sugar roller coaster and enable the body to heal and function optimally:

  1. Keep blood sugar stable with fat/fiber/protein at each meal and snack (my TOP rule!)

  2. Eat breakfast within one hour of waking and before 10am

  3. Avoid/limit caffeine and sugar (eat breakfast before drinking your coffee)

  4. Eliminate gluten and dairy (this will enable gut healing which will be supportive of blood sugar regulation)

  5. Eat a small amount of protein before bedtime (this supports that 2-4am wake up)

  6. Eat a diet rich in natural sources of key nutrients (vitamins E, C, magnesium, and zinc)

    1. Vitamin E rich foods: sunflower seeds, almonds, and avocados

    2. Vitamin C rich foods: papaya, oranges, pineapple, and broccoli

    3. Magnesium rich foods: pumpkin seeds (kernel), chicken, mackerel, almonds

    4. Zinc rich foods: oysters, red meat, organ meats, and pumpkin seeds (kernel)

Regulated blood sugar is the foundation to your health. Without this key element of health it won't matter how healthy of a diet you are eating or much you are exercising or avoiding unhealthy practices. Blood sugar is QUEEN.

Your body is the best experimentation vehicle you will ever have. So...

For the next 2 weeks (yep that's all you need to see the benefits of blood sugar regulation) choose 1-2 items from this list and stay consistent in implementing.

Come chat with me on social media @bebodyempowered or via email @ on your experience with this experiment.

If you know now is the time for more support, guidance, and accountability to get your health back in order, schedule your FREE Wellness Strategy session today. In this session you will get the clarity you have been wanting on what has been holding you back (no it isn't motivation and time) and clear recommendations on the right next steps in your healing journey.

Cheers to your optimal wellness.




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