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5 Easy Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfasts

Your first meal (or lack-thereof) can set the stage for the entire day. If your goal is to have energy throughout the day, avoid the 3pm slump, reduce bloating and weight that won't seem to budge; then you'll want to start eating the right kind of breakfasts.

I see a lot of women make the mistake of either skipping breakfast (note that not feeling hungry in the AM is a sign of a slower metabolism), waiting until lunch to eat, or having something minimal that is mostly carbs like toast, fruit, instant oatmeal, or a protein bar (yes, these are usually mostly carbs).

Without the right amount fat, fiber, and protein, you'll be riding the blood sugar rollercoaster and stress hormones (like cortisol) will be dominating your day. This will leave you feeling spacey, hangry, and more likely to make choices that destroy your progress not to mention the munchies into midnight.

So let's talk balanced breakfasts and what they look like shall we?

  1. Fat - think avocado slices, veggies sautéed in grass fed butter (if you don't have a dairy intolerance) or ghee, olives (any kind), olive oil, coconut oil, sprouted seeds, raw nuts, and nut butters

  2. Fiber - think greens like broccoli, chard, spinach, squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers

  3. Protein - think eggs, collagen peptides, high quality sausage (make your own) or real bacon smoked salmon, or my favorite Applegate meat.

  4. If you need more energy - add fruit, gluten-free oatmeal, potatoes, and/or seedy low glycemic crackers or gluten-free bread

Here are some concepts for you...

  • Oatmeal with slices apples and a tsp of almond butter (without inflammatory oils)

  • Wild blueberry smoothie with peptides, coconut milk, nut butter, and a tsp chia seeds for extra fat and protein

  • Over easy eggs cooked in grass fed butter with veggies and fruit

  • Chia seed cacao pudding with Applegate turkey sausage

  • Avocado toast using gluten-free Arise Dark & Seedy Sourdough and Applegate turkey sausage patties with sprouts on top (my personal favorite)

If you make a it point to make sure your breakfast has protein, healthy fats, and lower carbohydrate fiber filled options - this will be a game changer not only for your blood sugar but also for your digestion.

I hope these tips were helpful and wishing you healthy mornings with all day balanced blood sugar.



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