You have spent far too long feeling unwell and have tried what feels like everything to find the answers for relief and healing, but you remain lost, overwhelmed, but determined to reach your health vision.

You have given so much to your family, your career, friends, and community.  Now is the time to give back to yourself. Your symptoms or diagnosis may be similar to another, but your path back to body freedom should be as unique as you.

If this sounds like you, welcome, you are in the right place!

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You are not your symptoms or diagnosis.

There is a pathway to relief and healing and it is unique to your story and your physiology.


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Experience some quick relief and create a strong foundation to begin deeper healing. Receive education and tools to lay the pathway to your optimal health.

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 Spiral deeper to uncover the roots of your suffering and find total body restoration. Get the support and accountability needed to create long term sustainable wellness success.


Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button. This 14-day digestive and liver reset is perfect if you are trying to rid new symptoms like bloat, gas, fatigue, and weight gain. 


"Body Reset was just what I was looking for!  Jessica's realistic, whole food approach to a cleanse was quite refreshing. In addition to the unique food journal, I specifically loved her shopping list with 4 meal plan options and tasty and satisfying recipes.  I was able to hone in on the foods that my body responds best to and why I might have had cravings and fogginess with my former lifestyle and  routine.  I was actually quite surprised how content and zen-like I was during the 2 week reset and I noticed I was less anxious.  Jessica's hands on and approachable style made me feel at ease and that I could be honest about my past without any judgement.  Jessica is simply AWESOME!"


—  Sherry (Body Reset Client)

I am Jessica...

I specialize in individual nutrition & lifestyle modifications to support ambitious high-performing women challenged with debilitating physical symptoms caused by digestive dysfunction and systemic inflammation find relief and feel better in their body. I will help you find freedom with food, gain energy, mediate your symptoms and address autoimmunity at the roots.  My passion comes from my own struggle with autoimmunity and supporting my husband through a stroke. This is not a quick fix, but rather a sustainable holistic approach to feeling better in your body, gaining confidence, and living your best life.

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