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You give so much to others, your career, your family, your community.  It is time to give back to yourself in a new way. In partnership we work to optimize your genetic expression through functional medicine frameworks that address your entire body systems. You deserve a clear blueprint to wellness that is as unique as you. No more one-size fits all approaches, no more trying to follow strict diets and take oodles of supplements.  Join me for a comprehensive approach to real healing that fits you like glove.

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You have the power to take back your health and happiness


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Body Heal Restoration is a high touch 1:1 nutrition & lifestyle mentorship for the ambitious woman ready to take back control and finally feel confident in her skin. This is for you if you have been struggling with fatigue, digestive challenges, hormonal & chronic niggling symptoms that just won't go away.  We spend 4 months together spiraling deep into creating a solid foundation of health so that you can finally reach your internal & external health goals.


I created my signature 14-day digestive and liver reset to help you upgrade your nutrition.  Life can get crazy and sometimes we just need to reset and get back to baseline. Body Reset is perfect if you want a fast and gentle way to rid new symptoms of bloat, gas, reduce your sugar cravings, and improve mood and energy.


"Body Reset was just what I was looking for!  Jessica's realistic, whole food approach to a cleanse was quite refreshing. In addition to the unique food journal, I specifically loved her shopping list with 4 meal plan options and tasty and satisfying recipes.  I was able to hone in on the foods that my body responds best to and why I might have had cravings and fogginess with my former lifestyle and  routine.  I was actually quite surprised how content and zen-like I was during the 2 week reset and I noticed I was less anxious.  Jessica's hands on and approachable style made me feel at ease and that I could be honest about my past without any judgement.  Jessica is simply AWESOME!"


—  Sherry C. (Body Reset Client)

I am Jessica...

I specialize in functional medicine nutrition & lifestyle modifications.


I focus my support on ambitious high-performing women who have been slowed down digestive, immune, or hormonal conditions and symptoms. 


I help you to find relief, healing, and repair so that you can regain body confidence, skyrocket your energy, and move past the symptoms that are holding you back from playing bigger in your life.

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