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Result: Phase 1
Optimal Balance

So what does this mean for you?
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Blood sugar balance and insulin resistance is a spectrum. On one end, blood sugar is well-balanced, and on the other end of the spectrum is diabetes. As we age, we naturally move towards the right side of the spectrum. Our lifestyle choices determine how quickly we develop metabolic syndrome or diabetes; genetics can speed up this process.


Your results show you are in Phase 1 of this spectrum, likely due to excellent insulin sensitivity or ideal food choices for your body.

Blood sugar balance is a critical foundation step for great health. This includes stable energy, great skin, effortless weight management, excellent mental clarity, and resilience to life's stressors. It seems you are doing well in the blood sugar department, however, you took this quiz, and I have to believe it is because you just don't feel your best.

In my practice, 3 non-negotiables must be ironed out before moving on to more complex or fancy protocols. Those 3 are balanced blood sugar, digestion, and sleep.

Balanced blood sugar is critical because if we aren't able to utilize the energy efficiently that is coming in, we will get downstream imbalances.

Did you know that blood sugar and hormones are interconnected? We often think about hormones simply, like having too much or too little. But we might not realize how closely connected insulin, a hormone that controls our blood sugar, is to other hormones like estrogen and testosterone. When insulin levels are high, it can lead to more testosterone, like having extra facial hair (ugh so not sexy) and acne (no thank you to puberty repeated).

Digestion is critical because you will see downstream imbalances if you can't break down, absorb, and eliminate properly.

If you can't break down your food properly, you may see bloat, gas, acne, or even worse, Candida or SIBO. If you aren't pooping well and often,  you become a toxic wasteland, leading to hormonal imbalances like too much estrogen, which leads to painful periods, fibroids, & low thyroid.


Sleep is critical because, without quality sleep, all other systems will be sluggish. Quality sleep means you wake up feeling refreshed and have great, stable energy all day most days.

Did you know getting good sleep is rarely about not prioritizing proper sleep but more about blood sugar imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, stress, and gut imbalances? 

It's ALL connected, and every issue tends to be bi-directional in its effects on the body.

Because the body is so complex and a symptom is a sign of a deeper issue, I practice functionally when supporting my clients. We don't just focus on blood sugar balance but also work on hormones, the gut, inflammation, and lifestyle factors like sleep and movement. 

All things matter because all things are connected.

Thank you for reaching this far; I want to help you maintain your blood sugar balance and avoid this becoming an issue. I have put together a few tips just for you below.

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Three quick tips to improve blood sugar balance...

1) Keep Macros Balanced

Eating a balance of macronutrients is key to maintaining steady blood sugar. Too many carbs or insufficient protein can easily throw off your hunger and induce cravings. Strive for healthy fats, fiber, and protein at every meal and use starchy carbs more like a tool than an every-meal occurrence. Here's a free resource to help you with taking action!

2) Find Your Unique Carb Tolerance

Using starchy carbs or the occasional treats as a tool vs. an every-meal must-have will allow your body to utilize carbs efficiently. If you know you will be on the go after a meal, that may be a good time to include some carbs; if you plan on resting, your body won't require as much fuel.

3) Stress Less

Mental, emotional, or physical stress can wreak havoc on blood sugar balance and make weight management hard AF. The main hormone with stress is cortisol, your fight-or-flight response. Cortisol's job is to convert stored glucose (blood sugar) into energy for you to use. The problem is, when you are stressed from work, kids, relationship issues, etc., you aren't physically using that energy. This causes high blood sugar and turns you into a fat-storing machine. No bueno. The best way to stress less is to notice when you are tense and take 3 big ass deep breaths. This will help turn off the stress response. Give it a try!

Don't leave just yet!
Let me introduce myself...

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I'm Jessica, nice to meet you!

I'm a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I am obsessed with blood sugar balance, eating delicious food, California Zinfindel wine, my two beautiful boys, and my 16-year engineering sales career. (I know, plot twist).

Why I am here...

I started my nutrition practice to empower and educate high-performing women (just like me) to regain control of their health. By uncovering the root cause of their symptoms, I help women find confidence in their wellness plan, reduce the niggling symptoms that keep them playing small, and reveal a body they feel incredible AF in!

This journey isn't over yet; expect to see me in your inbox with continued tips and education to live at your healthiest.  Chat soon! xx

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