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Unsure if you are doing the right things in order to feel better? Or perhaps you feel as if you have tried all the latest trends and advice for your unique challenges and you are still not getting better. Looking for some clarity on what your next steps should be but you don't need long term support and accountability to implement? BODY RELIEF is perfect for you!

This program is the perfect place to start if:

 You are experiencing digestive challenges like bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and/or constant fatigue 

You have an autoimmune diagnosis and looking for support to heal symptoms and reverse the dysfunction 

You are exhausted and overwhelmed in figuring out how to feel better on your own 

You are ready to take your health and vitality to the next level 

You might not be certain you are ready for a longer term partnership and that's ok! You have been burned before, have lost trust in your medical team, or have tried it all and are skeptical. But you want the help to understand what's going on in your body, get some quick relief, and lay the foundation to orient towards your optimal health.

Benefits of



CLARITY: Clearly understand what may be blocking you from achieving success. 


KNOWLEDGE: Receive education on what may be the root causes of your symptoms or diagnosis.  


RELIEF:  Enjoy knowing your next steps with clear recommendations will put you back on the road to finding lasting relief and improve your quality of life.


EMPOWERMENT: learn how to advocate for yourself in a healthcare system that doesn’t necessarily understand all of your needs.


What You Get In BODY RELIEF:

 Comprehensive assessment of your current dietary and lifestyle practices 

75 minute consultation where we will discuss my initial review of your current health challenges, what they mean for your unique body and my initial recommendations for improving your quality of life. 

1 follow-up session to receive your "Relief Starter Kit" that will clearly outline your protocol to feel better in your body. 

The opportunity to continue with longer term support and accountability to implement sustainable changes for true transformation.